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Who am I?

Who am I?

I am Sonia. I’m a 42 year old mum of 3 and I’m originally from England. I lived for many years in Portugal and have been living in Egmond aan Zee for the last 14.

What else can I tell you about myself? Yes, I am a mum and so being, a completely normal person with all the atesting saggy bits and scars… Years ago I managed to lose almost 35 kilos which was great. Not so great was trying to tighten up my body again.  I’ll never be a skinny person and actually don’t really want to be, but through the right combination of sports I managed to feel comfortable again in my own body. I then went on to create Essential Balance which is a beautiful combination of meditation and soft stretching to increase flexibility in the joints and balance the body whilst relaxing the mind.

There’s nothing worse than not feeling good about yourself which is why I try to create a simple, nice, non judgmental place where people can come to workout and feel great about themselves. There are no mirrors and no judgey face’s. Everyone has a different level and I try to let people ease to the next level without putting pressure on themselves. Working out has to be fun and nice or you won’t wish to do it.

I actually started doing less cardio sports as I have a form of Rheumatism and the joint inflammation prevented me from going about my normal life. Having tried lots of different workouts I finally came up with Essential Balance. The difference in my mobility and flexibility is amazing. And I’m so happy and proud that I am able to share this with others and make them feel the same.

With such a busy home life, I decided that I needed to incorporate meditation into my routine. I was also, at the time, helping my daughter with an ankle injury.

After alot of research I realised that many people suffer from bad balance and so suffer from weak ankles and hips and bad posture. So I used balance exercises to help my daughter and then carried on using these to enhance my own workout.  I have truly found a perfect sport regime that I can do daily, I don’t get bored and I feel fantastic.

What I truly love and get totally high on is Nature. Walking or hiking in the dunes, woods or along the beach, breathing in the fresh clean air…

I do give lessons inside but I prefer to be outside…

Feeling good should not cost you your energy, it should boost your energy. That’s why I’m constantly telling people, do a sport that you enjoy and that leaves you feeling amazing.

Along with my lessons, I’m also right in the middle of writing my book on self image, confidence and about “living soulfully”, giving  without wanting in return. The book also has great tips on positive thinking, make up tips and even some cool recipes.

So, watch this space…

"I feel strong, supple and so full of energy and yet calm and relaxed at the same time."

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sonia. I am a 42 year old mum of 3 originally from England. I also lived for many years in…

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What is Essential Balance?

Essential Balance is a beautiful combination of meditation, balance…

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