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Balance your mind, balance your body, balance your soul

Essential Workout

Welcome to Essential Workout!

What exactly is Essential Workout? It’s literally what it says it is. It’s the essential workout to bring balance to your body and mind. It can be used to heal, to relax, to anti stress and for people doing alot of cardio sports, it’s the essential stretching of muscles and joints to prevent injuries and to improve your posture.

For more information about Essential Balance, go to the menu above and have a good read. Every sport has it’s own unique qualities and it’s so important to find the right sport for you. Great tip is to ask around at different sports centres to have a couple of trial lessons. That way you can truly find your own perfect little niche.

Each Wednesday morning from 9 til 10,30 am I walk with a nice group of people here in the area and really get back to Nature., either in the dunes, woods or along the beach. We walk for a total of 1,5 hours. After each 20 minutes we stop and accompanied by some nice restful music do stretches and breathing exercises to bring tranquility and flexibility to our bodies. It’s truly an amazing experience. Would you like some more info? Let me know.

Check ou the lesson times below or contact me for info.


Walk & Workout

Nature Walk

Wednesday 9am until 10,30am




 Breathe, Balance, relax

Essential Balance

Thursday 19pm until 20pm

Balance the mind, body and soul

Who am I?

I am Sonia, a 42 year old mother of 3 originally from England. I also lived for many years in Portugal…

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What is Essential Balance?

Essential Balance is a beautiful combination of meditation, balance and stretching of joints…

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Personal Training

No longer available…sorry…

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